Our Story

Welcome to LovethisLife, musician and entertainment industry creative David Culiner’s California based Global lifestyle brand.

In 2003, David launched the brand LovethisLife. Within 3 months, LovethisLife T-shirts were being splashed all over the media.  Since then, People Magazine, The Today Show, The Oscars, Stand Up To Cancer, Dancing with the Stars, and The Grammy’s all embraced and featured LovethisLife swag.  LovethisLife has been the theme for countless ‘life” events across the globe. 

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David describes LovethisLifeas equal parts inspiration and instigation. From first kisses, to weddings, to memorials…from major life changes to examples of unparalleled resilience, people across the globe reach out to David to share their stories. LovethisLife has found its way into the hearts and life experiences of countless people, in ways that we may never know. LovethisLife has evolved through the years and has taken on a life of its own, lending itself to endless interpretations, perceptions and themes that weave their way into the fabric of everyday lives.


David’s “2Paths” is an icon that originated as a symbol depicting the untainted soul-spirit of our core, before “life happens”.  2Paths. 2Choices. Take the journey back to the core self, or travel further outside to a new path.

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The “Manifesto” was a song David originally wrote to himself, composed of lyrics of complete surrender. What came next was unexpected. He found that letting go and sharing the song, actually prompted others to share their story. Like all great songs, the Manifesto serves as a support and a catalyst in the spirit of freeing people from their fears and struggles, and as a tool to celebrate resilience.  People consistently reach out to share how the Manifesto serves as a source of strength and affirmation while going through their life challenges. We are constantly humbled by the daily messages of gratitude and appreciation we receive. 

Welcome to LovethisLife  2Paths, Manifesto and Global Brand, built to celebrate our shared humanity.

 LovethisLife is ultimately about you, because:

You Rock.


Visit us often to share your stories, news and fresh LovethisLife swag. 

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