Living LovethisLife


I was standing in a store yesterday behind a gal reading the back of her t-shirt. I had to ask her about it, as I could not take my eyes off of it.  The words reach deep and true.... thank you... 

Hi I am a nurse in a large psych unit and I saw this awesome scrub jacket with the "Love this life " on it and considering the unit I work on , I thought that the saying could be inspiring to my patients and then I read the card that was attached to the jacket and I was so impressed with it so I went to the website and posted it on facebook. I cant wait to share your info and wear my new scrub jacket! Thank you for your inspiration to all . I will be sharing this with everybody I meet.



Hey Bro I’m Chris and my mom saw a postcard with the manifesto on it and it reminded her of me and she gave it to me. I fell in love instantly. Its hanging in my dorm room here at school. It describes perfectly how i want to live my life.