Surrender and Survive

Dear David, I started taking Yoga a few weeks ago because I was on the brink of ending my life! One day at the studio I saw an awesome shirt and since the one I was wearing was drench in sweat I decided to get it so I could run a few errands before I went home to cry my eyes out due to issues I have that have been difficult to resolve. As I was standing in line, a lady asked if I mind if she read my shirt. The rest of the people waiting in line became interested and the woman began to read it out loud. It was an amazing thing at that moment I felt a serious shift in my mood and my life while tears ran down my face! For the first time in my life the tears were not out of sadness they were tears of something else, maybe hope, connection to life or something! Though I still struggle with many obstacles those words on my shirt resonate in my head and give me a burst of wonderful energy, peace, love, human connection or something I can't really explain. Those words your words have given me something to hold on to. They reminded me of the simplest thing but the most valuable thing… I have My LIFE!   Thank you!