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I don’t think you ever imagined how impactful your “band name” and manifesto would be on so many  of our lives.  It sure has been on mine!  Thanks for sharing with me.  Nicole…

I was standing in a store yesterday behind a gal reading the back of her t-shirt. I had to ask her about it, as I could not take my eyes off of it.  The words reach deep and true.... thank you... 


Hi I am a nurse in a large psych unit and I saw this awesome scrub jacket with the "Love this life " on it and considering the unit I work on , I thought that the saying could be inspiring to my patients and then I read the card that was attached to the jacket and I was so impressed with it so I went to the website and posted it on facebook. I cant wait to share your info and wear my new scrub jacket! Thank you for your inspiration to all . I will be sharing this with everybody I meet.


Hey Bro I’m chris and my mom saw a postcard with the manifesto on it and it reminded her of me and she gave it to me. I fell in love instantly. Its hanging in my dorm room here at school. It describes perfectly how i want to live my life. 


Hey love this life...here are the tattoos my sister and I got ourselves after  buying those bracelets for each other. U rock. 

Matching Sister Tattoos.jpg


This is a picture of me holding my Dad’s hand when he was sick – looking at it reminds me every day, like every word that is written on your shirt, to love this life...it’s the only one we have and it effects and affects so many.  Most of all…he rocked – me as a baby,  my world as a teenager, and I rocked him…to sleep before he died. 



After reading through your "press" feedback section of this website, I have to say, my friend, that your pain in life was NOT wasted....just look at all the testimonies that have come from people. You put to words what others couldn't...and it has touched everyone's life who reads it.



On December 18th, my sister, Kathie died in her sleep unexpectedly.   That very day, I received a Christmas package from her that she had mailed on December 16th.  It was one of your "Sisters" bracelets.  It came on a card with the following printed on it, " love this life…Is about welcoming the blind turn and the possibility that there’s no such thing as coincidence and that empathy is incredibly sexy and that it’s never too late to pick up a guitar or a paintbrush or to make an amend or to make a new friend. Lovethislife…”cuz it could go at any second, you rock."  There was also a charm on it that states "Always sisters, always there." 



My Birth Mother sent me a few incredible early birthday presents this year.  She is so thoughtful. It's been 20 years almost, as of this month, on the 15th that she had me and she still writes to me and sends me things for my birthday. I can't wait to meet this woman, soon enough, and thank her for giving me a good life with my adoptive parents.  I’ve been sending your manifesto to everyone I know. :) 


 Hello, My mom made me a quilt made out of your t-shirts (actually t-shirts that I wore) and I would like to share with you some pictures of it. I think it would inspire others to maybe recycle their love this life shirts and make them into a quilt of their own. Please email me back if you would like me to send you some pictures of my quilt. Thanks,Lisa.



So, thank you for your much needed inspirational words that literally depicts what life is all about!



David - you have no idea how your simple t-shirt has helped me.  I knew I couldn't wear black to my daughter's memorial service and I knew I HAD to wear some form of blue as it's her favorite color and the color of her beautiful eyes.  I went into a local store here in CT. I was drawn first to the color and then the Manifesto.  Without any hesitation or thought to wearing a blue t-shirt with gold lettering - I bought it and knew it was EXACTLY what I had to wear to celebrate Kirsten's life. I've transformed her bedroom into a studio for me and keep the t-shirt hanging in full view at all times.  Again - thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift.  Dottie


Slide1 3.jpg


Hi, my name is Kacie and I have a three year old son with Moebius Syndrome. Moebius syndrome affects the cranial nerves and they are unable to smile frown or make any facial expresions. I wrote you because we wear alot of Love this Life apparel because I like to teach Kevin my son that this life is great and I love your motto. Thank you!... Kacie



Thank you for reminding me that magic is always there (even if it can’t always be seen). You are doing some great & potent stuff for our society (and beautiful music too).  Loving this life even more now........thanks to you. Lisa

2 path springblast logo.png


 I just have to remember your manifesto!! I have enough shirts with it on it!! LOL!! I did something about it and got another job. I would like to live somewhere else though and do something really fun for a living. Something that I felt that I made a difference with!!   In time!!! 


I will continue to spread your word by hash tagging my adventures on FB, Twitter and Instagram, to honor my friend, Kim, who I lost 2 months ago.

Flip Flottom Bottom Sand.jpg


Hello! I absolutely love this website. It's positive energy is really what this world has been lacking  for a very long time. This is possibly the first step towards a more peaceful and happy society.

Essence of Peace.jpg


 just joining the list b/c this site makes me smile and I don't think I smile enough


I found LOVE THIS LIFE shirt in a store in California..I share the story at the end of my meditation class in yoga..It is so wonderful the number of people who embrace the wording as I do. Found your website and enjoy your music..can't wait to share this as well! Thank you. Cheryl 

Library - 2635.jpg


There is something I have to share with you.  Yesterday, with much sadness, my best friend called me to say that her mother Peggy is now with our Heavenly Father.  Peggy loved ‘Love This Life’...she even got a tattoo on her back of the butterfly and the love this life writing. Peggy was a cancer warrior. Through her, we were all able to see that cancer is never the winner...and that the best treatment for cancer is to continue to fight...to live...to have faith...to dance...and to Love This Life. Peggy would always say LOVE THIS LIFE.  Peggy loved her life...and is loving her eternal life right now.

It's A Memorial Announcement.jpg


Once upon a time a blissful wife wandered into a shop at the Four Seasons in Maui. She happened upon a nice quality, silky soft men's t-shirt in the gift shop. She purchased what seemed to be a plain old comfy t-shirt for her husband.  The next morning he puts it on after coming out of a calm surf. She looked in amazement at this man, this father, this husband. He was all she ever wanted. Sitting on the beach in Maui at the Four Seasons with her two wonderful sons and husband, she wondered how a t-shirt could sum up everything she was feeling at that moment. We have since added a precious daughter to our family adding a sense of completeness. I have been truly blessed in my life. I pray that you can say the same.

Beach Pic.jpg